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Healthcare Providers Discriminate In How They Their Price Their Care. What you pay depends on who you are. The same procedure on the same day can cost one patient 5X more than the next patient. Coalition Health is the "Napster" of Transparent Pricing In Healthcare. Privately Sharing Claim Information Gets You Lower Costs!


In 10 minutes, privately share pricing info from medical providers you have seen in the last 24 months to learn how much more you paid for the services received. Just by sharing your experience you can earn a credit of up to $500 per family member to lower your current deductible at your current health plan. Use our app going forward to always find the closest best priced highest quality "Green" Providers . Green means GO!



In 10 minutes, privately share your group health insurance premium information and receive an analysis identifying how much excess profit is being earned on your group versus what they charged similar size groups in your area. Our discount finder service guarantees a 5% discount for fully insured groups by leveraging our Coalition Negotiated Discounts.


About Us

Our Mission

Richer Benefits It is time to put back the "benefit" in your employee benefit plan. Employees need to be able to earn back access to high quality providers with less out of pocket expense.

Lower Costs The reality is that richer benefits cost more. Employers cannot afford more cost. Coalition Health creates funding from other subsidy pockets outside the company. You pay less

Happier Employees Pre and Post engagement employee surveys prove it -- better benefits produce happier employees. See what the Coalition Health can do for you.

Committed Employees Employees have always been part of the problem. They are now the solution. Employees acting like committed risk managers deserve respect and reward.

Our Vision

The Coalition Health is committed to aligning the interests of employees and their employers. When accomplished, Coalition Health maximizes carrier credits and third party subsidies to create the necessary financial incentives to make change last at our member companies.

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