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Hello From Your IERMP RX Help Desk Team,

On January 1, 2021 your RX plan administrator changes to CVS Caremark.

IERMP has established this web portal and our help desk team for its members.

Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


As an IERMP Health Plan Participant, you have been asked to verify your info and print a temp CVS RX card. Please click register above to get started Please email any questions to your IERMP claim helper at iermphelp@coalitionhealth.com. If you require immediate assistance, please call or text (217) 269-1118.


You will be asked to confirm all coverage facts about any of your family members participating on the IERMP Plan in 2021. Going forward this login will allow the IERMP help desk to assist you in a secure private manner. Today please complete the first module- RX Drug Card Registration.


The same IERMP Help Desk is here to assist you by providing a way for you to direct your employees to our secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging System. Please email iermphelp@coalitionhealth.com to register for your administrator portal.

About Us

Our Mission

Richer Benefits It is time to put back the "benefit" in your employee benefit plan. Employees need to be able to earn back access to high quality providers with less out of pocket expense.

Lower Costs The reality is that richer benefits cost more. Employers cannot afford more cost. Coalition Health creates funding from other subsidy pockets outside the company. You pay less

Happier Employees Pre and Post engagement employee surveys prove it -- better benefits produce happier employees. See what the Coalition Health can do for you.

Committed Employees Employees have always been part of the problem. They are now the solution. Employees acting like committed risk managers deserve respect and reward.

Our Vision

The Coalition Health is committed to aligning the interests of employees and their employers. When accomplished, Coalition Health maximizes carrier credits and third party subsidies to create the necessary financial incentives to make change last at our member companies.

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