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Under the "Mark To Market" Program Your Health Plan Participants Qualified for a New $200 Cash Wellness Reward Program. In order to qualify for that reward, employees must attend a 15 minute orientation meeting on Fiscal and Physical Wellness onsite at your District. TCOH has created 3 teams and time blocked their availability in two hour buffers to allow travel time between districts. You need to reserve a time within any of the available time buffers.
Scheduling Instructions:
  • Identify a day between October 17th and November 18th that suits your District and then identify a desired presentation time. (For large Districts, If more than one presentation date or time bank is necessary to accommodate your District please cycle through this scheduling process twice to reserve each time bank separately.)
  • Enter Your Email Below To Start Scheduler
  • Follow Prompts To Reserve And Hold A TCOH Team Time Block That Overlaps Your Desired Presentation Time
Please enter the email of the individual you identified as the primary Mark To Market contact for your School District:
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